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Car hire in Bulgaria General Conditions from OK Tours.

1.Minimum car hire in Bulgaria period is 24 hours.

2.Minimum age of the driver is 21 years.

3.Documents needed to hire a car from OK Tours:

  • full driving license issued at least 2 years before the date of rental
  • passport with permanent address registration

4. Insurances, included in car rental price:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Autocasco Insurance (CDW)
  • Theft protection Insurance

5.Fuel is not included in rental price. O.K Tours’ vehicles are delivered with a full tank and should be turned back with a full tank. For each missing liter of fuel the client will be charged 1.5 euro.

6. Car renla payment options for car hire in Bulgaria:

  •  in cash (BGN, EUR, GBP, USD)
  •  with credit card (Visa, Master Card)
  •  via bank transfer

7. Vehicle delivery and collection.
Vehicle delivery/collection is free within business hours (08:00-20:00 hrs).
Vehicle delivery/collection outside business hours (20:00-08:00 hrs) and on national holidays is charged additionally 10 euro.

8. Security deposit (100-300 euro depending on the type of the rented vehicle) will be requested upon car collection.
The refundable car security deposit covers unlikely events that are not covered by the insurance – loss of car keys and documents, car returned with empty fuel tank, loss of car equipment, etc. It also covers damages to the removable parts of the vehicle not covered by the insurance (unless additionally obtained) – tires, rims, wheel covers, etc. The security deposit is due upon car collection and it is refundable at the end of the rental period)

Driver’s liability:
The driver is responsible for all damages caused by his negligence or malicious behaviour that are not covered by the Autocasco und Public Liability insurance.