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1. Condition of the car.
The agent provides the client a car in good working order with all the accessories required by the Bulgarian Traffic Law.
2. Insurance.
a) Public Liability it covers any damages to buildings, objects, other vehicles, pets, property, and the passengers in the car, excluding members of family.
b) Full Casco it covers the following damages:
- fire and natural disasters
- road traffic accident
- malicious acts by third parties
- theft of the vehicle by breaking into it
- theft of the whole vehicle
Full Casco Insurance does not cover the tyres.
c) Passenger Insurance only after the definite agreement between the client and the agent an additional fee with the following effects
- permanent loss of ability to work
- death.
3. Maintenance.
The agent is responsible for the car maintenance after the client has been notified. If that is not possible because of the location of the car the agent is obliged to refund the client established expenses.
4. Servicing.
Should servicing of the car be required during lease time, the client can use a car service, which has a contract with the agent. If the fee is up to 50 euro there will be no objection, for bigger fees it can be done only with approval of the agent. The agent, apart from the cases mentioned under point IV, covers the servicing expenses.


1. General points
The client should hold a driving license, taken at least 2 years before the date of rental. The client should hold a regular passport with permanent address registration.
2. Rental charges
The minimum rental period (of a car) is 24 hours. The rental charges have been fixed according to the rental agreement or the stated charges in this agreement. The charges include maintenance, engine oil, grease and road maps. The charges include the insurances, except in case of additional charges for passenger insurance. If the client wants to use the car outside Bulgaria, there will be additional charges. The client receives the car with a sealed milometer in good working order. In case of breakdown, the client should immediately take the car to a service and ask the agent for further instructions. If the car is delivered with an unsealed milometer or it has been damaged, the client is obliged to pay a compensation of 100 EURO.
Fuel is not included in the rental charges and is paid for by the client. The cars of OK Tours are provided with full tank. In case the car is delivered by the client without a full tank, the client is obliged to pay an additional charge of 5 Euro plus the price of the fuel.
3. Payment obligations
The client is obliged to pay in advance the charge for the whole period in case of unlimited mileage. If the client is charged by the km. the daily fee for the rental period is paid in advance and the mileage is paid for after the collection of the car. OK Tours retains the right to oblige the client to pay cash deposit.
4. Driving Rights
The client cannot give another party the right to use the car. A second driver can only be appointed at the time of rental and he is equally responsible for the observation of all clauses of this agreement. A second driver (if not a family member) pays an additional charge of 5 Euro.
5. Maintenance Obligations
The client should handle the car with care, obeying strictly all rules and prescriptions for its service use. The client is obliged to lock the vehicle, not to leave the key in the ignition, to switch on the alarm and lock equipment. The client should not leave the logbook and ownership documents in the car.
6. Obligations in case of accident
In case of a car accident the client is obliged to inform the Traffic Police immediately, to demand a report for the agent about the cause of the accident and the damages. The client should inform the agent immediately and wait for his instructions. In case the car cannot be driven from the place of the accident, the agent pays the client reasonable amount expenses for the transportation of the car from the place of the accident to a service, guarded parking lot or the agents office after presenting a receipt from the provider of the servicing.
7. Car Use Restrictions
The client is not allowed to use the vehicle for races, test-driving, show performances, etc. the client is only allowed to use the car according to its functions as defined by the Road Traffic Law. The transportation of nuclear products and explosives is also forbidden.
8. Car Collection
The client is obliged to deliver the car to the agent after the expiry of the rental period at a place of mutual agreement. The delivery can take place only within the clients working time. Allowance will be made only in case of delay no longer than 59 minutes. In case of a 60 min. or longer delay, the client is charged for a full rental day.


Apart from breach of the main agreement obligations, the agent or his employees are liable only for damage to the car caussed by them deliberately or by negligence. Apart from these cases the agent is liable for damages only as far as they are covered by the Full Casco Insurance.


The client should deliver the vehicle in the condition he has collected it. The client pays for all damages, which are not listed in the general clauses of the Full Casco Insurance. These are damages caused by:
1) a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs
2) military action or drills, civil disturbance, strikes or riots
3) nuclear products and explosives and the resulting consequences
4) earthquakes and/or the resulting consequences
5) races, test-driving, etc
6) misuse of the car
7) transportation of the car across rivers, dams, seas
8) landslide caused by excavations, digging, underground galleries, mines, i.e. human activities
9) an insurance frame up of the insured vehicle
10) negligence or malicious behaviour on the part of the client or members of the family, their employees or people transported in the car
11) leaving the car unlocked, open, or leaving the key in the ignition, failure to switch on the alarm or use the lock system.
The agent does not refund the following damages, which are paid for by the client:
12) theft of documents of the car, keys, alarm, parts, accessories, instruments and other details
13) tyre damages, which are not caused by a car accident
14) damages to the underneath part of the car, which are not caused by a car accident
If the client has made a car accident, he/she is to pay the agent 3 rental days at the unlimited mileage rental charges. This is necessary because of the fact that the car is not available to the owner to use and therefore there are penalties incurred by delay in return of the car.


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O’k Tours Car Rental in Sunny Beach

Dear clients,
On the 1st of May O’k Tours opened its rent a car offices in Sunny Beach. If you need to hire cheap and reliable car in Sunny Beach, please visit us at one of these addresses:
- office near hotel “Avliga”
+359 554 27733
- office near hotel “Venera”
+359 554 27731
- office at Bazar “Lotos”
+359 554 27732
We deliver the cars to your hotel for your convenience. Just call us on one of the telephones above or on our 24-hours reservation number:
+359 888 38 49 79
You can also write us an e-mail:

O’k Tours Car Rental Services – Airports Bulgaria

O’k Tours offers car hire at all the Bulgarian airports. If you plan to visit Bulgaria and you need an easy and comfortable way to travel, come to us, we will be happy to be of service!
To rent a car online, just fill the reservation form: here
Our representatives will meet you at Sofia Airport, Varna Airport, Bourgas Airport, Plovdiv Airport.
24-hours reservation number:
+359 888 38 49 79

Valid from 1st of September 2016 till 30th of June 2017 Renault Symbol - Air Port services
1 week 140 Euro.

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